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My name is Darrell Burke and I am a professional photo retouch artist originally from Los Angeles but now based in the Orlando FL area.  My background as an artist started in the V.F.X industry but I have now transitioned to basic & high-end photo retouching, editing, and manipulations.

Since jumping into this side of the industry, I have worked with many models and photographers here in the states as well as professionals abroad.  My goal is to network and work together with my clients to create the most beautiful visuals that I possibly can!!!

Besides photo retouching services, I will soon be offering other professional services that include Model Comp Cards, 3-D motion graphics, and video editing as well. Please take a minute to look at some examples of my work thus far and if you're interested afterward in working together I'd be more than happy to help you achieve the most beautiful results possible!!!

I am looking forward to working with you and creating beautiful art with you!

Kind Regards, Darrell

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